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HORSEHEATH NUTRITION Products have been used for many years by a number of very successful horse and pony breeders in the Beds/Herts/Bucks areas, as their testimonials show.

Although not originally formulated for the purpose, a number of customers have found  BodyBuilda™  and Working Horse Mix to provide highly effective base feeds for their breeding stock.

The Products: 

HORSEHEATH STUD MIX -  a high quality conventional coarse    mix formulated to provide all the nutrients  essential for the health & well-being of your stallions, mares and foals. More info....

BodyBuilda™is an oat-free chaff-based product. Although of a lower specification than Stud Mix the elevated levels of minerals & vitamins and high quality protein enable this product to be fed successfully to breeding stock. More info...

 HORSEHEATH Working Horse Mix is nutritionally very similar to BodyBuilda™, but has no chaff in it. More info..

Equi-Builda™is primarily intended for maintaining condition in competition horses, but can also be used as part of a stud diet.     More info....     

LinGold™  is a high protein supplement based on Cooked Linseed and Soya. It is extremely effective combined with AntiLam  and a mineral/vitamin supplement (e.g. Pegavite™)  to provide a diet suitable for a laminitic brood-mare. 

Full Fat Soya - typical analysis 35% protein,18% oil, - is useful as a source of top quality protein, essential for optimum muscle development. It is added to hard feed as a supplement.  More info...


ANN SMALLEY, Barkway Stud (Royston)
"Since I have used Horseheath Products all my ponies have looked fantastically well, and our success in the Show Ring I think proves it."    

Ekens Fifer - Ridden by Charlie Pinnock

1st, Royal International Show Hickstead
1st & Champion, Three Counties Show, Malvern.
1st & Champion, BSPS Summer Championship Show
Supreme Champion BSPS Area 15a Points Awards

Customer since 2000. Anne mainly uses BodyBuilda™ plus some AntiLam™ and Stud Mix

Case History

This Pony Mare was in foal to one of Anne Smalley’s stallions. It went very lame seven months before foaling, looked like a toast-rack and was written off by its vet. Its owner was referred to John Chapman for advice, as a result of which it reared a healthy colt foal (which later bit him!) and made a full recovery. It was fed Horseheath AntiLam with additional soya and a mineral/vitamin supplement (Pegavite).


E-mail from Tamara Bird, Ulceby, N. Lincs
"Hi John,
 I am the owner of the horses in the photo that Serge sent to you.
I am really pleased with the feed that you have been supplying us with. I am especially impressed with the LinGold. The mare's coat has an incredible shine; she absolutely glows, even after delivering a foal. I would normally need half a bottle of show shine at a horse show to get her coat to look like that. Unbelievable!
I was very worried when the mare was diagnosed with 'mild Laminitis' about
5 weeks before she was due to foal. The vet said that it was mild,
however, could get a lot worse, and her diet needed to be immediately
changed. The mare had been on stud nuts and I was worried about how the
new diet would affect the unborn foal, and also the mare's milk production. However, after moving her onto the Horseheath AntiLam, LinGold, and Pegavite Vitamins, she continued to stay in great condition and the foal was born very healthy and the mare's milk production was normal.
 When I had the farrier over a few weeks ago, he said that her hooves
looked absolutely normal, and commented that I must have caught it very
early and it was well managed.
So thanks for some very good advice and some very good feed!
About the photo:
The photo was taken when the foal was less than 12 hours old.
The mare is my 11 year old American Quarter Horse, 'Zips Glamour Girl'
(stable name - Dipsy), we have called the colt 'Dakota' his sire is an
Appaloosa (Joe's Handy Leo). Dakota is Dipsy's 2nd foal. When Dipsy is
not involved in motherly duties, I show her western at American Quarter
Horse Association (AQHA) shows, and with the Western Equestrian Society
Dipsy, Dakota and I live in Ulceby, North Lincolnshire."
Kind regards,
Tamara Bird

SHARON MYNARD, Leckhampstead Wharf Stud, Buckingham.

                            Some of the latest crop of foals

“For a number of years I have used BodyBuilda™ as the base feed for all the horses here plus some full-fat soya for any that need a little extra. All our horses like the product and look very well. “

N. b. Sharon has been using BodyBuilda™ since about1998!


GILL FARADAY & Jessica Suffling, Briar Stud (Luton)
"I've been feeding HORSEHEATH PRODUCTS for more years than I care to remember! I've used most of the feeds at different times, with breed types ranging from IRISH DRAUGHTS to Dartmoor ponies. When I was breeding I.D.s the brood mares had Stud Mix; currently the pony foals do well on Body-Builda. This product has proved very effective at improving and maintaining condition for both I.D.s and ponies, with Equi-Builda for problem cases. Equi-Builda has also worked well in optimising gut function. It gave our Welsh Section C an appetite - she used to pick at her food - now she eats as a Native should. Our 17 y.o. Dartmoor mare
SHILSTONE ROCKS HANNUCKA won the Ridden Dartmoor Performance Award, fed on Body-Builda.  Her activities included Showing, W.H.P, Dressage, & S/J. She's been to  HOYS twice! I've also used NON-HEATING MIX, and Anti-Lam for ponies where laminitis is a worry."
N.b. Gill thinks she first used Horseheath products about 1987!

 SUSAN ATTEW, Holme Trakehners, Holme Park Stud, Northill. 
“We use HORSEHEATH Working Horse Mix as the base feed for all our horses. They all like it , even the fussiest. They’re all in prime condition and look excellent. The mares have produced a crop of healthy happy foals and have come back into season without any problems."  

Radnage.  (Now at Pyatt's Farm)
"This foal broke a leg at 6 weeks old, and had to be weaned. On its return from vet school it was fed on Body-Builda and  Equi-Builda. 12 months later it has grown into a fabulous yearling

A call for help was received from Jayne late on a Friday afternoon in May. The foal had just returned! What to feed it?? She had BodyBuilda & Equi-Builda in stock so was advised to combine the two, effectively providing a high grade Stud Diet!.

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